Community Management

The Company set the social objective of being an agent of positive change in the communities where it operates. Enaex makes concrete contributions that create social capital and earn recognition for the Company as a role model of environmental responsibility, safety and transparency. In this way, Enaex constantly works to build a sustainable business.

The following are highlights of 2018:


In 2018, Enaex launched a work program with the small-scale fishing sector in Mejillones. Working groups, including representatives of the four unions and more than 130 employees and senior executives from the Prillex America Plant, were established. The objective is to build the trust necessary for a long-term working relationship through provision of specific services for receiving and unloading ammonia. This task required lengthy workshops and training for fishermen on safety matters and handling of hazardous substances.

The Company was proud to sign a contract with the union presidents of this important industry in Mejillones. The agreement reflects mutual effort as well as a commitment and conviction to improve quality of life for all Mejillones residents.


One of the Company’s community focuses is quality technical-professional education as a means of promoting development of families and society as a whole.

To that end, the Prillex America and Rio Loa plants offer an annual dual education program through which 11th and 12th grade students from surrounding technical high schools spend three days at school and two in the plants. They complement and integrate their studies in a real working environment and gain early contact with the working world.

The program’s main objective is for students to apply the basics of their technical specialty and develop work skills and relationships that are useful in the working work.

No. of Students Male Female Total Students No. of Mentors
Prillex América Plant, Mejillones
Rio Loa Plant, Calama


This program seeks to meet the community’s need for information on how the Company works and the safety standards applied at production plants. In 2018, more than 300 people including relatives and community members, visited the Prillex America, Rio Loa and Punta Teatinos plants. The initiative was positively evaluated for its professionalism and transparency in response to questions about employees and safety as well as care of its facilities.

In 2018, the following activities took place as part of this program: visits from local authorities, visits from employees families, visits from students in the industrial engineering program at Inacap technical training center. Fire brigades in surrounding communities were also trained on how to act in light of law no. 17,798 and its regulations.


For the past 17 years, Enaex has had a strategic partnership with Proloa, a non-profit foundation that supports development in the Antofagasta Region. This corporation focuses on creating projects that help develop productive sectors other than mining (agriculture, services, etc.). To ensure projects are properly executed, Enaex is an active participant on the Proloa board of directors. In late 2018, Proloa restructured its guidelines so that the instruments used would generate greater community impact.


In December 2018, the Company made a donation to the Chuchurí indigenous community for a Christmas celebration. Attended by at least 100 people, the event focuses on children and senior citizens.

The Sierra Gorda Service Plant sponsored the Sueño de Colores preschool, which serves 104 boys and girls between 3 months and 4 years of age. The Los Pelambres Service Plant held a Christmas party for children from the Alcázar-Illapel school. The entire team participated, spending time and creating an enjoyable experience for all the children.


In 2018, Enaex Britanite worked with the Civil Defense and Municipal Secretary of the Environment in the state of Quatro Barras, Brazil, where its main production plant is located, on the “Teach to Protect” program. The program works with 70 students from the Tancredo de Almeida Neves Municipal School to promote responsible action and conduct related to environmental problems like wasting water, pollution and sorting waste. It raises student awareness of the importance of protecting the environment as a contribution to sustainable community development.

The Secretary of Education of Quatro Barras recognized and honored Enaex Britanite for the initiative.