2018 Annual Report

Integrated Report


This integrated report includes consolidated information on the Company’s financial, social and environmental performance for the period between January 1 and December 31, 2018.

The Integrated Report is written in accordance with International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) methodology. This third version once again aims to provide a broader view of its business model so that its shareholders and main stakeholders may understand how the Company seeks to meet the challenges of sustainable growth in a competitive global environment and create value in the long term. This report discloses increasingly better data on how sustainability challenges have been transformed into opportunities for innovation and growth—for the Company, its suppliers and its customers. Our new corporate vision focuses on thinking big. We continue to make progress on the ambitious commitments that define Enaex’s current and future roles with services that offer comprehensive solutions while developing a business that adapts to industry changes quickly and efficiently.

Legal Name: Enaex S.A.
Doing Business As: Enaex
Chilean Tax ID: 90.266.000-3
Type of Entity: Publicly Traded Corporation
Securities Registration: SVS Registry No. 0401

Headquarters: El Trovador 4253 5th floor, Las Condes, Santiago
Phone: +56 22837 7600
E-mail: finanzas@enaex.com
Website: www.enaex.com

A publicly traded corporation in accordance with Law No. 18,046, Securities Registry No. 0401 of the Financial Market Commission or CMF (before, Superintendency of Securities and Insurance or SVS).